Wednesday, July 29, 2009


As noted in this post last year, my parents allegedly ran into U2 drummer Larry Mullen Jr. during a trip to Dublin. But as it turns out, this was not so. Not because my folks were just making up an elaborate lie to fool me, but rather because they had the wrong U2 member.

Upon seeing a recent story about U2 in the London Free Press, my mother noticed the photo caption and realized that it wasn't Mullen who she and my dad encountered while he was walking his dogs. It was actually the Edge. Does it make things somewhat more dubious given that now my folks ran into some guy in a hat and beard? Maybe. But I have no reason to doubt them. They're not really ones for the kind of elaborate lie I mentioned earlier. In our family, the only massive liar was my great-great-great-uncle Moriarty.

Why am I bothering to correct a minor post from over a year ago? ACCURACY~~~! With U2's shows at the Rogers Centre less than two months away, I'll be no doubt relating this anecdote a zillion times between now and then, and want to make sure that nobody notices the switch in U2 band members and thinks I'm full of crap. Without this on-record statement of fact, my only course would've been to tearfully yell "YOU'RE full of crap! Stinkyhead!" and then run away weeping.

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