Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Random (Video) Nonsense

I'm probably the only person from my generation who never watched Saved By The Bell, but even I found this funny. Mark-Paul Gosselaar shows up on the Jimmy Fallon show in full Zack Morris character. Gold. This guy somehow looks exactly the same now as he did in 1991.

(btw, somewhat off-topic, but San Diego Padres closer Heath Bell should totally come onto the field to the 'Saved By The Bell' theme music. That's just too perfect to not happen. Bud Selig should make a ruling about this. I realize that Bell's entrance and/or Padres tenure will never top that of Trevor Hoffman, but still, it's a good start.)


For someone who calls himself the Cash Man, Russell Oliver sure doesn't spend much on commercials. His total advertising budget looks to be in the neighbourhood of about 40 bucks. Maybe the nickname was earned due to being frugal?

Hey wait, i just realized something. I can actually go to Oliver Jewelry! How have I lived in Toronto for four years and not once been to visit this legendary TV icon?! Oh man, this is going to be great. I'm going to get a little plastic ruby from the dollar store, bring it to Oliver, and then act incredulous when he says it's false. "WHATTTTT? But I paid $4000 for it! Oh no! My wedding is ruined!"


Here is a funny post pointing out how 30 Rock is just a thinly-veiled remake of The Muppet Show. They had me at the Cerie-Janice comparison. Cerie might be the least-attractive 'hot girl' on TV. Her arms are like wet spaghetti strands. Victoria Beckham would take one look at her and want to buy the poor lass a sandwich.

I really wanted to top this off with a clip of Liz Lemon's muppet walk or Kenneth's view of the world, but unfortunately, neither are on YouTube. The best I could do was this Sesame Street takeoff of 30 Rock. Or, this atrociously-acted Sesame Street bit about Tina Fey and the Bookaneers. That sketch just screams "We tried to get Johnny Depp, Kiera Knightley or Orlando Bloom, but no dice."


And finally, for my friend Matt, a tran'q bear falling out of a tree. Classic.

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