Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jimmy Johnson on Survivor?!?!?!

Holy crap! Apparently he would've been on the Gabon season, competing against the likes of Bob, Sugar, Randy, Corinne, and ohmygod, I would've loved to have seen this. I have to believe that Mark Burnett is slowly warming to the idea of a full-on Celebrity Survivor. They're already toed the water with the retired NFL quarterback (Gary Hogeboom), the WWE wrestler (Ashley Massaro), the poker pro (Jean-Robert Bellande) and the former singer (Taj Johnson-George), but Jimmy Johnson would've been the first actual full-blown celebrity addition to the cast. Now I'm all curious to know who took Jimmy's spot in the cast; could it have possibly been Bob, in order to fill the 'old guy' gap in the roster? Wouldn't that be something? If this was so, maybe Bob should donate a portion of his million bucks to the University of Miami. That would also have the bonus of pissing off Corinne "My Degree From Florida Makes Me The Best Person On Earth" Kaplan to no end.

Maybe they're just setting the stage for an all-NFL version of Survivor. We've seen Jimmy Johnson, Eddie George last seas, Hogeboom years ago....all the pieces are falling into place. You might argue that a cast of NFL personalities wouldn't have the same 50-50 man-woman split as past seasons, but that's an easy hurdle to climb. Just get nine men, seven cheerleaders, Suzy Kolber and Jay Cutler. Boom, all balanced.

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