Saturday, January 03, 2009

My Best Posts Of 2009

Wow, what an amazing 2009 it's been here on the Polivision blog. Here's my personal selection of my best posts of the year....

January 1: My selection of my best posts of 2008. It's very long, because what else do you expect when an egomaniac is asked to pick personal bests?

January 3: My selection of the best posts of 2009. In case you're curious about the apparent discrepancy between the date of this post and its knowledge of posts that come in the future, it's all due to a fissure in the space-time continuum. What causes this fissure? Your masturbating. Way to go, jerk.

January 14: I sell my blog to the Chinese for $1.1 billion and move to Maui. So long, suckers!

January 21: 餵我的名字是標記

Quick picks for the NFL wild card round.....

* Falcons over Cardinals. My cat hates this matchup --- two bird teams squaring off. In fact, three of the four NFL bird teams made the playoffs while three of the four NFL feline teams missed out. And one of those three feline teams (the Lions) were the worst team in history. Tough year of fandom for my cat. I'll bet it would be even worse for him if he had any comprehension whatsoever about what football is.

* Colts over Chargers. This is a very tight pick, and San Diego could easily win. Thanks to LaDainian Tomlinson for finally shaking his injuries and looking like the LT of old in the last few weeks...after I'd already been eliminated from my fantasy league. Fuck you, LT.

* Ravens over Dolphins. Another tough pick. Not because I think it'll be a close game (Baltimore are my dark-horse Super Bowl favourites), but because the Ravens are my brother's favourite team and the Dolphins are my cousin's favourite team. The conflict arises since while my cousin would be a way less obnoxious braggart about her team's victory than my bro would about his team's victory, I also think that Baltimore is objectively the better team. I've suggested that my brother and cousin should make a bet on the outcome of this game. The loser will be forced to flirt with the winner at our next family gathering, while my parents, uncle and grandmother look on in horror. For some reason, my idea failed to get much support.

* Eagles over Vikings. As poor as the Eagles have looked for most of this season, I find it hard to believe that Tarvaris Jackson will suddenly lead Minnesota to glory. I think it would be great if the game goes to overtime, and then both teams go through the first OT period without scoring.

Donovan McNabb: Well, I guess that's that. Does this mean we both move on to the next round?

Andy Reid: Hold on a second, Donovan. Ties only occur in the regular season. Playoff games just keep going until there's a winner.

Donovan: WTF, coach? You're changing the rules on me again?!

Andy: You think you've got problems. My sons just hijacked a 747.


Latest HBO poll match is up. The Sopranos makes its Duke-esque entry into the bracket. Does this make Uncle Junior into the show's Coach K? Does this make Christopher into Bobby Hurley? A.J. into J.J. Redick?

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