Wednesday, January 07, 2009

HBO Tournament Update

We've finished the top half of the bracket in the 'Best HBO Show' tournament, so let's see how things are stacking up thus far....

Rome conquered Arliss
Entourage hugged out Sex And The City
The Wire brutally murdered Fraggle Rock
Big Love married In Treatment
Flight of the Conchords broke a guitar over the head of Carnivale
Inside the NFL sacked Oz
Da Ali G Show smoked Six Feet Under
Sopranos whacked Real Time With Bill Maher

We're now into the second 16, with our first matchup (Generation Kill vs. Band of Brothers) already underway. Just a reminder: I'm using the word 'bracket' very loosely, since I'm running this tournament in FA Cup style. This means that after the first round, everything goes into the hat and the matchups get picked randomly. So you could easily see two powerhouses like Sopranos and the Wire meet up early --- there ain't no seedings here.

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