Thursday, November 27, 2008

Poll Results

In hindsight, I probably should've made the 'best Simpsons character' poll into an ongoing series, sort of like my 'worst Best Picture' poll from a few months back. I could've grouped the Simpsons characters into different pools, whittled things down to an elite group of seven or eight --- a Champions League, if you will.

Anyway, the final tally went as follows. Ralph 'Unpossible' Wiggum took the victory with an overwhelming 20 percent of the vote. Troy McClure and Lionel Hutz tied for second with 15 percent each, as there are apparently still lots of Phil Hartman fans out there. Ol' Gil carried 10 percent of the vote, and there was a massive tie for fifth with Mr. Burns, Milhouse, Lenny, Comic Book Guy, Hans Moleman, Barney, Flanders and Disco Stu each taking five percent each.

This week's poll pits the ultimate guy show against the ultimate girl show. While I don't care for Sex and the City and have watched every episode of Entourage, I'm a neutral vote on the topic because I'm becoming and more and more disenchanted with Entourage with each passing week. This past season of Entourage....I mean really, what was that? It couldn't have been more phoned in unless Jeremy Piven had replaced by the Verizon guy. The only part of the season I enjoyed was Stellan Skarsgard's director character finally calling Vince out on the fact that he's a crappy actor, which I was hoping would eventually be brought up sometime over six seasons. Were it not for the fact that Gary Cole was joining the cast next season, I'd be set to give up on the show entirely.

So anyway, after biasing your vote against Entourage, out of fairness I should probably add that I've only seen the first two seasons of Sex and the City and they made me want to jump off a bridge. This poll will really just ultimately boil down to a tally of how many male and female readers read my blog.

Screw it, I'm not over this Simpsons series idea. Okay, let's make Entourage vs. SATC the first in the tournament to decide the greatest HBO program of all time. This will give me poll fodder well into the new year. (*laughs maniacally*)

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