Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sarah Palin's Legacy

Wait, make that her 'Legace,' as in St. Louis goalie Manny Legace. Apparently Legace hurt himself after he slipped on the carpet placed on the ice before the game so Palin could make another ceremonial puck drop before last night's Kings-Blues tilt.

Swing voters in Missouri, this aggression should not stand. The Republican party has now cost your beloved home-state team its goaltender! The Blues' playoff hopes* could be down the toilet! The Cup drought continues! All is lost! Vote Obama! He has the good sense to stay away from hockey like pretty much every other American politician in history that isn't from Detroit or Minnesota. Hell, Obama has had to put up with Bill Wirtz's nonsense for all his life, so he probably wouldn't go to an NHL game if you paid him.

* = okay, maybe not 'playoff hopes,' given that the Blues are one of the few teams that might challenge the Leafs for the league basement this season. Hey wait a second....if St. Louis is worse off, then this might hurt Toronto's chances at the #1 draft pick! Dammit Palin!


To conclude the 'Worst Best Picture' poll, the winner is Titanic, with four votes to Chicago's three. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that it came down to modern movies, but even still, c'mon people, Titanic isn't in the bottom third of Best Pictures. Do people hate boats all that much? Maybe it's icebergs. It's hard to love an iceberg --- they're so cold.

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