Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jon Hamm's John Ham and Philadelphia's Phillies

Another day, another Mad Men-related comedy video. This is arguably the best skit from this past weekend's Saturday Night Live, which was one of the better SNLs I've seen in recent years. The great Jon Hamm kicked ass in many a sketch, but never moreso than in this sketch, where he pitched his namesake toilet-time snack. "Feel like a dummy yet? Because you should."

Top seven best things about this week's SNL...
7. Don Draper's Guide To Picking Up Women
6. Hamm's impression of James Mason in the Vincent Price sketch
5. The Vincent Price sketch in general
4. Will Forte's awesome impression of Vincent 'Pete Campbell' Kartheiser in the Mad Men/A-Holes sketch
3. The sketch about Will Forte as a sex offender going trick or treating
2. Amy Poehler not on Update because she had her baby, and thus isn't on SNL anymore --- thank God!
1. Jon Hamm's John Ham


And look at this, the Phillies won the World Series! Sweet! The team I wanted to win actually won, which almost never happens. And all they had to go was win a three-day long game of, apparently, cricket. Some might say the Phillies are the champions since they won the World Series, but someone wins that every year (except 1994...thanks for nothing, Selig). How often does someone go a perfect 7-for-7 in postseason predictions?! Not very friggin' often, my friends! Woooooo! Booyah! Where's my celebratory mascot?!

Oh that's right! Boomshakalaka! Who's the baseball expert now?! Surely this makes up for, um, leaving A-Rod off of my all-time teams, but still, let's focus on the 7-for-7 here!

Fun World Series fact: World Series MVP Cole Hamels is married to Heidi from Survivor: Amazon. That's right, the airhead blonde who thought she was god's gift to everything and later posed in Playboy. Clearly, the Rays should've tried to have Hamels throw the Series in exchange for peanut butter.

Not so fun World Series fact: Brett Myers' wife won't like that her hubby now has a heavy diamond-studded ring for his punching hand.


Only two more days to vote in the Ghostbusters poll! Someone vote for Winston so my blog's readership doesn't look like a bunch of racists!

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Chad Nevett said...

...that was one of the better SNLs in recent years? Things are worse than I suspected. The only sketch that really made me laugh was the Vincent Price one. The rest of the show, though... how did it get so bad, Shuk? You know SNL better than anyone I know: HOW DID IT GET SO BAD?