Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hayden Panettiere Owns John McCain

Yikes, how lame is the McCain campaign when the star of a fifth-rate sci-fi show is scoring points off of you? As the old political adage goes, "lose the cheerleader, lose the campaign."


Kyle Wasko said...

I assume you're now trying to goad me with this "[blank]-rate" business but, like Obama, I won't take the bait (also: 5th-rate sounds about right for whatever Heroes has become).

Kyle Wasko said...

Hmmmm...I feel like celebs think they've subverted the whole process ("everyone's so tired of us endorsing someone, so let's tweak it just a little bit) never realizing that this "wink, wink" business is actually more tiresome.

(Though I do like the Schlepping for Obama viral video).