Sunday, April 13, 2008

List of Shame, questions and comments

I should've clarified something about my previous post....those are all films I've never seen start-to-finish. For example, I've seen the last 30 minutes of Sound of Music, and I've seen bits and pieces of Bull Durham, Rocky IV and Breakfast Club over the years (as Emmett pointed out in the comments, for anyone who has TBS on their cable package, Breakfast Club is hard to avoid).

As for the others, there have been a couple of stop-starts. Some movies you're just not in a mood to watch, or you're tired and aren't paying full attention, or something else jumps up to grab your attention. For example, I remember one night renting O Brother, but then was invited out for a night at the pub, and thus I never got a chance to see it before I had to return it to Blockbuster. My buddy Trev got the Godfather trilogy for Xmas a few years back, and it was long enough ago that he got the trilogy on VHS. I remember watching the first one, but then one night we saw about 20 minutes of the second one and it just wasn't going anything for us. We were all in more of a comedy mood that night, so I think we threw on Tommy Boy or something. Yes, that's right. Tommy Boy. Over Godfather II. In a related story, my film degree didn't just spontaneously burst into flames.


Unknown said...

Don't bother with Godfather III. It's not very good, and mostly involves a lot of Sophia Coppola in her awkward stage.

Last year I was having drinks with a bunch of people from my film class. Someone let it slip that I haven't seen many of the classics. 5 nerdy academic film buffs (which are even more intense than regular film buffs) quickly set themselves to the task of making a master "must-see" list of films for me.

If you're interested, I can pass some of the films along to see if you can expand your list of shame even further. I'm sure my list is longer than yours!

Question Mark said...

Wait, Sofia Coppola is out of her awkward stage?

Sure, pass on the list. If there's anything I enjoy, it's more shame!