Monday, April 07, 2008

Bart rides up in the front seat today because he's a good guy at sports

So a couple of years ago after my baseball-writing internship, I noted that Toronto's record when I was in attendance at the Sk...Sk...Sk....Rogers Centre was a ridiculous 42-24. Since then, that record has only gotten better. After this weekend's sweep of the Red Sox, the Blue Jays are now 55-28 in games I've seen in Toronto over the last three seasons. Oddly enough, they're 0-3 in road games I've attended in Detroit, Cleveland and New York over that same span. I guess what I'm saying is that if the Jays win the World Series, I want a ring. It would be a great icebreaker in bars. This is one time when I could put my alleged resemblance to Gustavo Chacin to good use. If not a ring, then could I at least be Ace? I'd be a great mascot. I have experience working with kids, I have a background in improv comedy, and 10 years of modern dance (note: two out of three ain't bad).

Also on the topic of baseball, my World Series pick Detroit Tigers are now 0-6 to start the year. Kiss of death = me.

Pop quiz...even though it's a one seed vs. a one seed, is Kansas/Memphis one of the most unlikely March Madness finals in years? I like Memphis' story, but hey, I picked Kansas to win one of my brackets, so I'm sticking with them. This year I was in three different March Madness pools, which isn't a good idea. My interests were split among so many different games and teams that it hurt the overall rooting experience. I'd say that aside from Stephen Curry and Davidson, the biggest highlight of this year's tournament was the 'Bracket' episode of How I Met Your Mother. This might well be the funniest show on TV, folks.

Quick Stanley Cup pick: Going by the recent trend of Canadian teams losing in the finals to warm-weather American teams, I guess it'll be Dallas or San Jose over Montreal. This recent trend, btw, stinks. Couldn't the Cup at least go to a city that, like, cares about hockey this season? Is that too much to ask? Just as long as the city in question isn't Ottawa. This might sound like blasphemy from a Leafs fan, but I'd like to see the Habs win. I'm looking at the bigger picture: with a 25th Cup, the Canadiens will be one step closer to unseating the Yankees as the dominant champions of North American pro sports.

Masters pick: Y.E. Yang.....are you kidding me? It's obviously Tiger.


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you wouldn't believe how crazy it is here already.

i would love to celebrate a stanley cup in this wonderful city, but a street riot is a decent consolation prize.