Thursday, March 06, 2008

Two Bits of Random Nonsense

Hey, good thing I have a 'random nonsense' tag!

The first is a hilarious website called Garfield Without Garfield. The premise is simply that Garfield is removed from Garfield comics, thus making Jon speak to himself and look like a lunatic. Here's a sample.

Ha ha, great link, Mark!

Thanks, Mark! The second is a YouTube video about the most unprofessional news broadcast since the days of Ted Baxter. Skip to the 50-second mark, since the opening is pretty dry. Riddle me this: who wins in a fight between these guys? I vote for the on-site reporter. He seems to have more rage.


RT Murphy said...

Re: the vid.... wow. Just wow. I side with the onsite guy, because the anchor started the ball rolling.

Hal Incandenza said...

lol...awesome. I agree with Ryan--the anchor's a total fucker.

How and when did you stumble upon this gem?

Hal Incandenza said...
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Question Mark said...

Found it on AwfulAnnouncing.