Thursday, December 19, 2019

Joker Addendum

A couple of add-ons to my review/semi-pan of the Joker movie...

* I always enjoy playing the game of "would this film have been more interesting if someone else in the cast had played the lead role?"  While I'm not sure if this game will ever produce a better result than my suggestion of a You've Got Mail remake helmed by Parker Posey and Dave Chappelle,  Joker had an interesting one with a guy who's in the movie for about 30 seconds.  If you wanted to give a different take on the Joker, why not move away from the over-the-top aspect whatsoever and cast Marc Maron?  A Joker whose nihilistic view of the world manifests itself with cynicism rather than manic glee makes it all the more terrifying if MaronJoker actually did burst out laughing.  I don't know why the idea of Marc Maron playing the Joker makes me think of Michael Douglas and "Falling Down," but there you have it.

* As timely as ever, the Epic Rap Battles Of History crew are here with Joker vs. Pennywise that might even more visually impressive than lyrically impressive, which is saying something.

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