Tuesday, December 10, 2019



Paul Rudd and Carrie Coon are great!  I like Bokeem Woodbine and Tracy Letts!  I like Finn “The kid from Stranger Thi…hey what is this, my actual name is so incredible that I don’t need a nickname, you blaggard” Wolfhard!  Jason Reitman has made a couple of really good films, even if he’s on a enough of a cold streak to see why he broke down and stepped into the family business of Ghostbusters movies. 

And hey, at the end of the day, it’s a Ghostbusters movie.  As if I’m not going to see this on opening day.  The Ghostbusters are such an integral part of my childhood and overall pop culture upbringing that any movie might fall under the general “no such thing as bad pizza” corollary.


...it looks…kind of bad?  Or was I the only one who sort of cringed throughout the whole trailer?

Basically, it looks like Super 8.  Or, appropriately enough given Finn Wolfhard’s presence, Stranger Things.  (Or, Stranger Things’ spiritual predecessor IT, which weirdly also starred Wolfhard….this kid is already being typecast.)  What it doesn’t look like is Ghostbusters, and while it’s possible that “Afterlife” will represent a glorious broadening of the franchise once we see what Reitman has done over the course of two hours of screentime, it seems entirely tonally off in two-minute trailer form.  Like, not even one joke?  Aren’t these supposed to be comedies?

Like I said, I’m absolutely going to see this movie, so maybe my criticism is ultimately meaningless.  And it is only a trailer, so it’s too early to pass judgement.  But given how much hate the 2016 movie got for not being a “real” Ghostbusters movie from the sexist neckbeard crowd, maybe it’s a bigger issue if the 2020 movie misses the point entirely?

btw, I withdraw all criticism if it turns out Carrie and the kids are descendants not Peter, Ray, Egon, Winston, Dana, Janine, Louis, etc. but rather Larry Storch.

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