Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Hot! Live! Music!

Should I have something more substantial than a Hot! Live! Music! post for my final post of the decade?

"Mark, you haven't been posting anything substantial all this time, so why start now?"

Good point!

Damon Albarn, "For Tomorrow"
What better title for a post on New Year's Eve, since tomorrow will include a severe hangover rehab day for half of society.  Damon Albarn is a good answer if you find yourself in any "name an underrated musician of the last 30 years" discussion.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor, "Do You Remember The First Time?"
Speaking of Britpop, here's a cover of....maybe the best Pulp song?  I've for years held Disco 2000 in that esteemed place, but DYRTFT is very very close.  I actually think this cover helped elevate its case.  Also, turns out Sophie Ellis-Bextor has been a big pop star in the UK for multiple decades,  who knew?

Robyn Adele Anderson, "Take Me Out"
Another New Year's Eve-appropriate song, as it's about someone totally striking out with the person they're trying to woo.  It's for the best, really, since who wants to start 2020 with an ill-advised hookup?

U2, "One Tree Hill"
My only comment here is why wasn't this in the movie?  Sure, it makes it a bit longer, but contrary to the belief of every film critic of 1988, there's nothing wrong with little more Rattle & Hum.  It is amusing how so many U2-haters lost their minds that U2 "dared" to "compare themselves with music legends" in the film, since a) that wasn't really what they were doing, and b) turns out U2 were legends themselves.

Future Islands, "Seasons"
The five stages of watching this video: "haha this is goofy" --- "how is this not a meme?" --- "seriously though, this guy is giving it 100 percent" --- "wait, is this actually awesome?" --- "this is awesome!"  Even Letterman seemed impressed, making it one of the seven or eight times he cared about something over the last decade of his show

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