Sunday, March 31, 2019

What A Prank

In honour of tomorrow being April Fool's Day, here's the best prank I ever witnessed.  Note, this isn't the best prank I've personally ever pulled on someone --- that would be the bucket of confetti I've placed over my mom's door.  Just wait!

Back in high school, around Valentine's Day, the student council thought it would be a fun idea to get everyone involved in some type of electronic matchmaking service.  This sounds impossibly quaint in today's era of Tinder and modern online dating, but the idea was that we'd all fill in Scantron cards with a bunch of likes/dislikes about ourselves (I feel like there were maybe 50 or 60 questions), the cards would all be inputed into a system, and then we'd all be given a list of our "top ten matches" from within our grade.  In theory, this would help people hit it off with a new person, ask them to the upcoming school semi-formal, and then the student council would sell a few extra glasses of punch to help pay for the cost of this electronic dating system.  It's win-win.

Well, unless you weren't heterosexual, since of course our uptight 90's school limited the matches to people from the opposite gender.  And, unless you actually took this quiz seriously, which a good chunk of the high school populace didn't.  And, unless you claimed to not take it seriously but actually did fill the quiz out seriously since you were a lonely drama kid looking for his first date and secretly loving the idea of using this quiz to break the ice with some cute girl I didn't even know had so much in common with me. 

Uh, that third option is totally a hypothetical scenario, by the way.  But honestly, I feel like most of the student populace secretly had the same interest in the quiz, despite publicly declaring a modicum of caring.

In the spirit of not taking this quiz seriously, however, even the student council members couldn't help themselves from a little joke.  They arranged it so that the entries submitted by a brother and sister combination (let's call them Jack and Jill) listed each other as their perfect match.  And by a hefty percentage --- Jack was Jill's perfect 100% match with the next-closest guy somewhere in the 20 percent range, and Jill was similarly far and away Jack's top match.

Word quickly spread around the school about this embarrassing result, leading to a day of merriment before the prank was revealed.  I think either Jack or Jill was actually on the student council, so it was very much an in-joke that reached monumental proportions.  It remained a running gag for years, particularly since the student council brought back the same matchmaking quiz for the next Valentine's Day.

If you're wondering if Jack and Jill were actually incestuous, the answer is no.

If you're wondering if that lonely drama kid hit it off with some secret admirer....the answer is also no.  The drama kid got really into blogging instead, that's just as good!  *sobs*

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