Friday, February 03, 2017

The Secret Of Brim

So my friend Meryl recently showed me a cute text sent to her from her friend Emily, and I couldn't help notice that Emily had begun the text with "hey, bestie!" though both are grown women in their 30's.  This led to me texting my buddy Trev, a.k.a Boy Emily* and wondering why we didn't refer to each as 'bestie' in our regular text conversations.

* = both are redheads, both are very pleasant people...uh there is no third reason.  Two is enough, right?

This led to a few days of including the word 'bestie' in literally every text, concluding with Trev saying "while I like the sentiment, we need to find a word that doesn't make us sound like 12-year-olds."  This led to suggestions like Bro-ey, Broseph and Brimmy Bro Bro Junior Brabadoo.  The last suggestion was, of course, a Simpsons reference, since maybe 15% of everything Trev and I say to each other is from the Simpsons.

So now we're ending texts by calling each other 'Brimmy' and 'Brims.'  Frankly, I'd like to keep this going for the rest of our lives and never explain it to others.  (Well, unless they've read this post.)  (Which is doubtful.)

Now, you may be wondering why it's "Brimmy Bro Bro Junior Brabadoo" since the original Simpsons line was Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo.  It's because I screwed up and thought 'Jimmy' was the original line, a mistake so egregious for a so-called massive Simpsons fan that I hang my head in shame.  It's the opposing of brimming with pride.

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