Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hot! Live! Bruuuuuusic!

Dancing In The Dark
Okay, well, this is impressive and all, but MY last Mother's Day present involved a gift card at the Keg.  Take that, Bruce.  Anyone can dance with their mom (and sister) in front of thousands of people, but is that as good as a delicious steak?  The jury is still out!  Good thing for the video title, or else I'd just assume that Courteney Cox had aged horribly. 

Born In The USA (the whole album)
And hey, why stop at DitD when you realize that Bruce played the entire Born In The USA album during this concert?!  I dig the growing trend of an artist randomly playing one of their full records (or advertising it in advance, like U2's new Joshua Tree tour or Bruce's own recent River tour), and I enjoyed it myself when I got to see Pearl Jam play, of all things, Binaural start to finish.  Since BitU is one of my desert-island records, I would've been going bonkers realizing that Bruce was really doing the whole thing.  Bonkers, I tell you!

Tunnel Of Love
Aw man, I should've called this post 'Tunnel Of Live.'  Maybe I'll save it for my post all about live versions of Lightning Crashes, I Alone, The Dolphin's Cry, etc.  Expect that one to show up around 2059.

You Never Can Tell
I'm willing to accept that this isn't exactly the most complicated song to figure out on the fly, though I will NOT accept that this was a pre-arranged bit.  The E Street Band has too much integrity for that.  I've also seen Little Steven act before, and I don't think he could pretend to look quite that confused, so this seems legit.  

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