Monday, July 25, 2016

Your (My?) Latest Postmodern Jukebox Fix

"Poison," which I actually thought was a Bobby Brown song so I always kinda felt bad for liking it, but it turns out it's actually a Bell Biv DeVoe track!  Yayyyyy, clean conscience!

"I Believe In A Thing Called Love," which reminds me again that the Darkness missed being an incredibly big band by maybe...a year?  They missed the kitschy throwback era by a hair.

"Dancing In The Dark," and the video really missed a trick by not having a bobbysoxer version of Courteney Cox in there.

"Toxic," which I'd argue is already heralded a secretly great song hidden underneath Britney's original pop sheen, so it didn't necessarily need the upgraded new arrangement.  Oh well, still great!

"Sweet O'Child Of Mine," and does anyone else agree that this might've been the best song ever if GNR had actually, like, finished it?  The first half is unbelievable, but then it just kinds dribbles off into guitar theatrics and Axl yelping "where do we go?" over and over.  Here we get some creativity via the magic of dance, at least.

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