Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dana Barrett, Renaissance Woman

I love that I can watch the Ghostbusters movies a hundred times and still pick up new things.  For instance, it only just occurred to me that Dana Barrett may be one of the most uber-talented people in cinematic history.

Imagine how much skill and training it takes to play cello in the New York Philharmonic.  Imagine how much skill and training it takes to be an art restorer talented enough to work on paintings at the Manhattan Museum Of Art (technically fictional, but basically MoMA).  And Dana was able to do BOTH, not to mention be a single mother by the second film.  And, after being hypnotized by Gozer and transformed into a demonic dog, she recovered pretty well, all things considered!

Watching the first movie, it seemed far-fetched that Dana could afford that apartment on Central Park West.  Unless you're Yo-Yo Ma, no cellist could manage to live in one of the most expensive pieces of real estate in the world.  Once we got the full breadth of Dana's abilities in GB2, however, I can believe anything.  Maybe she composed music for film scores in her spare time and was living off song royalties.  Maybe she developed software for Apple on the side. 

At this rate, it seems like she could've solved her whole ghost problem herself, which is where Paul Feig and company probably got the idea for the all-woman Ghostbusters team.  Dana Barrett = trail-blazer. 

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