Saturday, July 30, 2016

Random Nonsense

“Hey Jeff, Dave.”
“What’s up?”
“I like the song, but the lyrics could use a little work.  I mean, you really go out of your way to cram ‘Serengeti’ in there despite it not really fitting the rhyme scheme.”
“Look, the song is called AFRICA.  We need some African references in there, obviously.  If you have a better idea, I’d like to hear it!”
“Well, Mt. Kilimanjaro rises out of the city of Moshi, according to Wikipedia.  Couldn’t we redo that line to fit ‘Moshi’ in?  It just seems to have a better flow.”
“What’s Wikipedia?”
“Oh right, I forgot, this conversation is taking place in 1982.  Uh, never mind.  I’m not a time-traveler!”
“That’s okay.  The two of us have been talking in one singular voice this entire time.  You’re not a time-traveler if we’re not a hive mind.”


Am I officially so old that Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis now have to settle for “frazzled mom” roles?  There’s an aging wakeup call if there ever was one. 

Speaking of Bell, I feel like “The Good Place” is made for me.  If you set out to specifically design a show to entertain me, the answer might well be a Mike Schur comedy starring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson.


After posting so much about the Ghostbusters remake, I guess I should probably give it a review.  I liked it!  There’s no small amount of relief in this positive review, since had it actually been a mediocrity, it would’ve been really annoying to hear the crowing from the sexist fanboy corner of the internet.  Thankfully, like every other Paul Feig/Melissa McCarthy project, it ended up very entertaining.

And my own fanboy bias probably played some small part in my positive review, since I was beyond tickled to be watching a brand new Ghostbusters movie here in the year 2016.  I honestly can’t see how some ‘original Ghostbusters hardliner’ could actually dislike the film (well, aside from sexism) given how it’s literally a love letter to the 1984 movie.  The cast cameos, the references…every possible little touch put over the original and also had new life breathed into it by the new cast.  To be frank, I’m actually looking forward to the sequel more since with the pressure off, we can abandon the origin story (always kind of a ‘get to the fireworks factory!’ segment in these types of films) and just jump right into the team busting ghosts. 

Just throwing it out there, Kate McKinnon should get an Oscar nomination. 

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