Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Single Biggest Missed Opportunity Of All Time

No, not that time I didn't use that Yogurty's coupon before it expired, but rather the failure (of the Game of Thrones producers?  Cast?  Everyone?  Humanity itself?) to convince and cajole Queen Elizabeth to sit on the Iron Throne.  She was RIGHT THERE.  She was only a foot away from the picture that would've even topped Ellen's Oscar selfie as the most-shared social media image of all time.  I realize that it's difficult to cajole a Queen into doing anything she doesn't want to, yet still, surely Her Royal Highness would've taken a minute for a photo that would've broken Twitter.

There is not a doubt in my mind that when the Queen's visit to the set was announced, literally every person involved in the process had one thought: "have her sit on the Iron Throne, have her sit on the Iron Throne, have her sit on the Iron Throne..."  What a disappointment.  Granted, the likes of Joffrey or the Mad King have somewhat tainted the Iron Throne, but c'mon Your Majesty, at least Tommen seems cool!  He has a cat!

N.B. So weird to see Conleth Hill with hair

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