Sunday, June 08, 2014

The Luigi Death Stare

Luigi has had ENOUGH.  For some reason, the creators of Mario Kart 8 decided that whenever Luigi would blast another driver with a shell or other weapon object, he would unleash a look of utter disdain as he drove by observe.

That is an ice cold, Tywin Lannister-style glare right there.  That's the kind of look you give someone when they're going five kilometres under the speed limit in the passing lane while big trucks take up the other two lanes in the highway and you're just stuck fuming behind this whole procession not being able to go anywhere, until one of the trucks FINALLY moves into the far lane and allows you to get in front of the slowpoke and you roar past them out of pure spite.  Uh...not that that's based on personal experience or anything.  I wish my car had red shells.

Here's a collection of other funny "Luigi Death Stare" memes.

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