Monday, March 31, 2014

Another Confrontation!

After nine great years....well, two great years, three pretty good years, two okay years and two pretty bad years, to be specific....How I Met Your Mother is winding up its run.  The final season has been spotty at best but really, I feel that Dexter has ruined me for 'terrible final seasons.'  Compared to Dexter, HIMYM is a goddamn masterpiece.

So in the name of saluting this fine show, here's Segal and NPH reprising their legendary "Confrontation" duet.  Bonus points for the comedy of Cobie Smulders moving out of the enunciation spitstorm crossfire.  I was one of the few who straight-up loved the Hugh Jackman film version of Les Miserables, yet I think we can all agree that had NPH replaced Russell Crowe, it would've won 19 Academy Awards and still be #1 at the box office today, 17 months after its release.

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