Monday, December 02, 2013

Chris Brody, Workaholic

Few shows have crappier opening credits sequences than Homeland, so I usually just fast-forward through the credits or skip them outright every week.  For last night's episode, however, I guess I was just in the mood for some discordant jazz fusion, so I saw through the whole thing.  It was then that I noticed the name of the actor with the sweetest gig in all Hollywood, Jackson "Chris Brody" Pace.  I dunno why the name had never stuck out to me in the past, possibly because I'd just assumed Jackson Pace was someone else (maybe the guy who played David Estes) who, y'know, had an actual role.

Much has been written about how Chris Brody is the most useless character on television but now that I've noticed Pace is actually in the proper full-time cast, I'm taking the other tack and praising Pace's agent as the greatest representative in all of Hollywood.  Think about it…who has an easier gig than Jackson Pace?  He never gets any storylines, averages literally one line* per Homeland episode and gets the occasional hug from Morena Baccarin.  Nice work if you can get it.  For this, Pace has been in the credits since day one, while much more important actors like Rupert Friend had to wait a whole season to "officially" be added to the show's roster.

* = speaking of the opening credits, I would argue that if you counted those news clips as "lines," I'd swear that Chris Brody has received less dialogue on this show than George Bush and Barack Obama.

In today's world of large ensemble dramas, actually being a cast member is no small feat.  Adding or subtracting an actor to the cast proper requires contractual work, arguments over screen time and how many episodes the actor must appear, a bump in pay, etc.  Look at the scads of important characters on "Game Of Thrones" or "Orange Is The New Black" who never actually cracked the opening credits --- for the latter, the only actors in the credits were Piper, Alex, Healy, Red, Larry and Miss Claudette (which was also kind of inexplicable..not that she wasn't a good character, but why her over Nicki, Pennsatucky, the guards, Crazy Eyes, or any other major characters?).  I dunno if the Homeland producers thought Chris Brody would evolve into a bigger part of the show a la his sister Dana* but they've never seemed to have any plans for him, making Pace's stint in the credits all the more glaring.

* = though then again, given how awful Dana's story lines have been, perhaps it's best that we only waste time on one Brody kid in any given episode.

The bottom line is that nobody swings a deal like Pace's agent.  Once I finally get my big break, I'm hiring that guy all the way.  I can stand in the background with the best of them.  If 'standing around' was an Emmy category, I'd be a shoo-in, or at least a multi-time nominee that loses to Jackson Pace every year.

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