Thursday, May 09, 2013

Commander Riker, Sitting

Before today, "Rikering" could be described as any of four things...
  1. Having a sweet beard
  2. Sleeping with half the attractive alien women who crossed your path
  3. Passing up job promotion after job promotion despite being more than overqualified for your current job
  4. Semi-ruining the career of Iain Glen, a.k.a. Jorah Mormont from Game Of Thrones, since I never remember his character's name and just refer to him as "poor man's Commander Riker."
But that's all in the past now, since "Rikering" will forever be associated with this absurd method of sitting down.  It prompted a chat with my friends Ian and Dave about whether this was some kind of odd actorly quirk Jonathan Frakes added to Riker's character, a logistical necessity given that the tall Frakes had to maneuver himself around the small Star Trek sets (Dave's theory) or Ian's theory that this is simply how Frakes sits down in real life.  As Ian put it, "the idea of Frakes cruising into five-star restaurants and throwing a leg up while ordering a bottle of red is pretty awesome."

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