Friday, October 19, 2012

Will Ferrell, Ad Man

Last year, Will Ferrell shot a few ads for Old Milwaukee beer that were filmed and set in the small city (town?) of Davenport, Iowa.  Nothing too weird about a comedian doing commercials, right?  Except...the ads were only shown in Davenport.  And Ferrell wasn't paid for them.  And he went to Old Milwaukee with the idea, they didn't hire him.

This was just the start, as Ferrell also visited Terre Haute, Indiana to shoot commercials for their own local TV station.  Then he made an ad that aired in a small town in Nebraska once (during the Super Bowl) and never aired again.  Now, Ferrell is making a new set of ads promoting Old Milwaukee in Sweden.  I think basically what I'm getting at is that Will Ferrell is both a comic genius and the Johnny Appleseed of lousy beer.


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