Thursday, January 06, 2011

Out-Of-Context Texts In My Phone Inbox, Volume XI

It's an extra-large edition of the O-O-CT, as befitting the fact that with so many friends and family home for Christmas and New Year's, more plans needed to be made. And also the fact that a whole lotta wacky nonsense happened in the world of football that needed commenting upon. As always, identities of the texters will remain anonymous.

(Also, since like 76 texts were in regards to this, yes, I did indeed bring Apples To Apples to my New Year's party. It's a fun game, try it sometime.)


"She still alive?"

"Mark Dailey died! Holy fuck."

"Happy New Year, buddy."

"And the band(s) play on."


"Yes, I'd imagine so"

"Makes sense. Do you actually want to go bowling? There's always the option of going to Kool's. Apparently that's what T and some of her friends are doing."

"What's de good word, enh? We doing UFC tonight?"


"Why not go for the tie there? Inexplicable."

"And NOW they try it from the 59?? The HELL??"

"14 all."

"VIdeo chat this afternoon)"

"He was there for Christmas today."

"Uconn will also sell about 2k of their allotted 10k seats....and LOSE money on the whole venture."

"Where rtu?"

"Hmmm....unlikely. Have a bad feeling about this late game. Nice pick with JAX though you must have been sweating it."

"See you then. I'll be on Trev's porch."

"Just got the same message from Dave. Thanks."


"Ford Field on Monday night! Fucking finally! Wait, wha---"

"You organizing transpo tonight? What's the plan?"

"Wow, sorry about your Packers, buddy. Bad coaching there. Tough loss."

"And I'm guessing that he is very iffy as always."

"Going to Jack's and then Taphouse....maybe."

"Actually save me a seat. You guys getting there by 830 to BP North? I'll prolly just eat and not stay for the whole thing."

"Towards the back."

"You watching golf? I think McDowell is my new favorite player."

"Happy New Year!"

"Merry Christmas!"

"Tubing tonight. Meet here at 6:45. Let me know if you're in."


"At Jack's now."

"Thanks. I told Abby that she'd be two the next time I saw her, at which point my dad informed me that Abby was not, in fact, a thoroughbred."

"All good, see you soon."

"Er, '?'"

"Heyyy! D's home! Wanna come dt with us?? D wants you to come see her!"

"Any word on plans for tonight?"

"Bring lots of Boris' diet coke...and Apples To Apples."

"Can u bring Apples to Apples to Matthews house? p.s. come whenever, we have food out."

"You have been requested to bring Apples to Apples tonight."

"We're on the way. Is it packed?"

"Tim Burton marathon at lightbox @ TIFF"

"Well fuck, that was completely devastating."

"Movie is starting so be quick! The trials continue..."


"Bring snacks. Reimbursements will be made."

"Just sent an e-mail to you, Big Wreck tix sold out."

"You still at Kool's?"



"Yeah, no kidding. As a Lions fan I feel I'm distinctly qualified to say this does not bode well for the Packers' playoff chances."


"Potential Beaver brunch tomorrow. Interested?"

"Nobody is hungry enough yet. Jen says bring chips, dip, baked Lays, popcorn, etc."

"Hey man, I'm just at True Grit right now."


"At Matt and Trev's watching Kick-Ass. Come join!"

"That? Was FUCKING awesome. Please tell me you were watching."

"Damn it all. Congratulations."

"I am. I just called and your bro said you're at Swiss Chalet. What's up?"

"Just behind the dance floor"


"Eric is a no-show, when are you leaving?"

"Wanna take bets on whether or not the VA Tech-UConn Orange Bowl will be the lowest rated BCS game in history?"

"I might meet you guys there."

"Merry merry day babes! Hope you and yours eat, drink and play all day with your fams and friends! xo"

"Happy New Year, Mark!"

"Well...congrats, you dick."

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