Thursday, August 26, 2010

Last Bit Of Lost

You didn't think I was actually done with LOST posts, did you? Mitch please! The last new bit of LOST material ever is certainly worth a few comments.

After the finale, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse were adamant that there would be no Lost spinoffs, movies, internet-only material, etc. "The End" was indeed the end. Perhaps in typical Darlton fashion, however, they backtracked already and produced a 12-minute bonus feature for the Season Six DVD (out two days ago) titled 'The New Man In Charge.' Now, far be it from me to dissuade you from buying the DVDs to see it for yourself, but the always-awesome Lostpedia site published a synopsis, and basically it seems like this segment exists to, as Ben says in his dialogue, "tie up a few loose ends." The segment answers some of the questions that the show didn't get around to answering during the sixth season. Y'know, because those episodes spent at the Temple were so interesting and was totally time well spent. (*dismissive wanking motion*) But nevertheless, this new segment answers such long-standing LOST mysteries as....

* Where the DHARMA food drops were coming from
* Why Pierre Chang uses an alias on every orientation video
* What caused the failed pregnancies on the Island after 1977
* What happened to Walt
* The purpose of Room 23
* The "Hurley-Bird," indirectly
* The purpose of the polar bears on the Island, though frankly, I always felt this was pretty clearly answered or at least heavily inferred on the show itself. Folks hung up over the polar bears weren't paying close enough attention.

Doesn't that sound interesting? This is all achieved in 12 minutes. This kind of question-answering efficiency is unheard of in the LOSTverse. Dammit season six!

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