Monday, July 12, 2010

Out-Of-Context Texts In My Phone Inbox, Volume VI

Before we begin this latest edition of out-of-contexts, I've opened the floor up to an e-mail from a reader! I've allowed him three, and only three, questions to ask about the process.

"Do you REALLY keep the names of the texters anonymous?"





Yes! Thanks for the illuminating questions about the inner workings of the creative process! They weren't at all repetitive! Hey look, it's a dead horse!


"p.s. kick some butt (and let me know how it goes). It's so dead up here and the only food place appears to be Arby's. Pray for mojo."

"You on your way?"

"Soccer blows."

"Chris says you can pick me up easily at this pub, so meet me here."

"It may be. 5XL gloves, holy shit. Brock needed a tuneup."

"At the Fox! It is awesome!"

"Thanks! :)"

"We are heading to meet with Lauren soon. If you're busy or tired you and I can just meet up tomorrow post-game."

"Swidgen! C**ksucker! Swidgen!"

"Did you write back?"

"Is Heather looking hot?"

"Haha, badass. We were just talking about that."


"Hey buddy, too much buffet on the company dime, feeling pretty sluggish...heading home, I think. Next time --- hope you enjoyed the game!"

"I actually called Lesnar by submission!"


"Well, looks like the Aztek can still do the job..."

"Are you sure??"

"Never heard of Green. Who does he play for?"

"You bet, man. Where are you?"

"What's the season ep and number? I'm glad you're liking it."

"Chris says you should come watch the game with us."

"Waiting for baggage now."


"By post A for arrivals, just by taxis and limos."

"The fat boy's laugh is the final insult..."

"Hey, I'm going a little stir crazy. Anyone want to grab a pint?"

"You can come over. We're just waiting for Greg who will not be here by 12:15."

"It hurts!"

"Ahhh, if you were here I was gonna say to join us."

"I will meet you on King and Strachan."

"You close?"

"Our message history just got erased on my phone?"

"On back patio of Keg."

"[Name redacted] sez if you are driving, a lot of roads are closed near her place."

"Looks like it. Carwin was gassed."

"Boo. Wish I was there instead of here!"

"Ok. Hahaha."

"We will be there NLT 2300."


"Or during, ha ha. I can text you if we're going somewhere."

"Like Lonnie Smith, Murphy is angered..."

"Nothing happening. Everyone sucks, Ha Ha. Playing ringer for Doc's team."

"I have never heard of that movie...but I hope it's the good twin, not the creepy one."

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