Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Do You Like Links?

Because if not, then shut your mouth and go along for the ride!


For old time's sake, here's a big LOST theory. If you're still rolling your eyes over the quasi-cheesiness (or just total cheesiness) or the 'glowing light at the heart of the Island,' then this theory gives a really cool explanation of what that light really was. The author kind of loses me a bit when he claims that both Dharma and the Others had some control over the time-manipulation, but other than that, it's a very solid and believable case. Man, am I ever going to miss dissecting this crazy-ass show.


Chris Jones is rapidly becoming my favourite Esquire writer. In the wake of his great interview/feature on Roger Ebert, here's a fascinating article about the infamous 'perfect bid' on The Price Is Right from a couple of years ago. It was the perfect storm of three uber-memorizers of PIR products, one of whom was on stage and two of whom were in the audience (and allegedly only one of whom was being observed).


Bill Murray. What a man. You have to believe he's joking in some/most parts of his recent interview for GQ, but it's a testament to Murray's odd brilliance that you sorta believe that he signed up for the Garfield movies under the mistaken belief that Joel Coen was involved. Frankly, the Coens should offer him a role in their next movie as a make-up. It's also amazing that Jennifer Love Hewitt has probably been proud of working with Murray for years, yet his total remembrance of her is as "the mind reader, pretty girl, really curvy girl, body's one in a million? What's her name?" This is topped only by the urban legend of Murray covering strangers' eyes with his hands, asking guess who, and then when they turn around, telling the stranger that nobody will ever believe the story.


That's all for today. Play me off, Keyboard Ron Livingston!

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