Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wire Paintball

I had a whole list of potential blog topics in mind for the week, but things kept cropping up. Now everything is dated. Had I posted this a few days ago, you could've had time to round up some friends, raise $2500, and get to New York City to play paintball with 'Wire' cast members. Just think, you could've done what Avon Barksdale could never do and take out the boy Marlo with one headshot.

To be honest, though, the Wire cast members have a big advantage. At any moment, they could always snap into character mode. For instance, you could be chasing the perfectly nice and pleasant Michael K. Williams down an alley, when suddenly he starts whistling 'Farmer In The Dell" and pulls out a giant paintball shotgun from under his trenchcoat. It would be terrifying. I'd freak out like President Logan when Jack Bauer was attacking his motorcade. They'd find me hours after the paintball match had ended, huddled behind a dumpster mumbling "Omar coming..." over and over in a semi-catatonic state.

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