Monday, June 07, 2010

Out-Of-Context Texts In My Phone Inbox, Vol. 5

To remind you of the rules, the identities of these texters will remain a secret. When I will reveal this secret? Right about.....NOW! *throws down smoke pellet, runs out of room*

"That blows. Evans beat Rampage but it wasn't all that great a fight."

"Marriage will be over within the year. It's bad juju to pay for shit with ill-gotten gains."

"They are terrific!"

"Hey, I saw Youppi on TV. He's at the Habs game!"

"Bob Warner lives! Gross miscalculation!"

"Behind plate."

"We just hit Milton. Awake yet?"

"Locke v. Jack? I missed the start."

"Ok, well then one with teeth."

"Sorry buddy, tonight's a no-go for me."

"Lot riding on this...enjoy."

"Can we bump up lunch on Thursday? Also how do u feel about a quick trip to Scarborough?"

"Watching the pilot of Hung. Pretty good so far."


"Lost 4-3 but I didn't see any of it."

"That's right...trash...."

"How'd operation bridesmaid go?"

"25 min"

"We will be a teensy bit late, but there before 8. Blame it on the rain (and on Milli Vanilli, those jerks)."

"Wellllll.....I think I kind of liked it. You? Answered virtually nothing re: s.1 to 5, but a pretty satisfying end to s.6...."

"Anyone else in for Barney's tonight? What time are you thinking?"

"Fuck. I would've liked to have seen that. Damn ufc."

"How did your date go???"

"'LOCKE!!!' Frankie Muniz would be proud."

"We can try that. Get good ones though."


"And Darlton DID post of life about the heaven thing."

"Beaver at noon. You in?"

"You are missing the greatest promotion of all time. All-you-can-eat day is overstimulating my senses. So much food you can just TAKE!!"

"Strong first hour."


"Well, he did find a special place in my heart after he rubbed your head."

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