Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Has it been a real bother to read this blog? Not content-wise (well, maybe content-wise...it's not like I promise quality) but rather, was this blog literally hard to read given the black letting against the burnt sienna background?

I recently received a few comments to this effect and while it was a bit surprising, it was not shocking. I keep my computer screen very bright, so it's possible that I just never noticed the dimming effect. And certainly I can't ask you call to jack up your screen brightness all the way up to 11 just to read my posts.

Ergo, time for a change. I had that old background for a while, anyway, so it's time for a fresher look. This time it's just straight-up white and black with the traditional purple header. I also changed the font* and added a couple of new links to the blogroll. Man, I put more work into fixing up my blog than I do in fixing up my apartment. The dishes in my sink would agree with me.

* = I read this article a few months back about how Comic Sans font is loathed by many in the typographic community since it's a font of 'lesser minds.' My MSN Messenger font has been Comic Sans for the last several years. Oops.


Results of a couple of recent polls....

Of the first set of shows in my 'TV season in review' piece, your favourite was Flight of the Conchords. It picked up four votes to edge Mad Man by one. The rest of the totals...

Dollhouse 2
Pushing Daisies 2
Entourage 1
Corner Gas 1
Dexter 1
Eastbound and Down 0

It's interesting that the voting was so spread out. My buddy Dave put in a vote by proxy for E&D, so every program got at least one. (Of course, Dave couldn't be bothered to check out my blog in the first place, so he can just go straight to hell.)

Speaking of Dollhouse, it's coming back! FOX apparently got a clue and decided to renew the show that was getting gradually better and better over its debut season. It's very possible that Dollhouse will make The Leap next season just like 'Buffy' did from its first to second year. Woo!


I have much less to say about the Beatles album poll. White Album won with four votes, Rubber Soul and Revolver each got three votes, and Sgt. Pepper only got one. Gotta say, it was a bit surprising to see Sgt. Pepper get so relatively little love given that if you asked a majority of people, they'd probably pick it as the Beatles' best record. (And no love at all for Abbey Road? Huh.)

If you really fancy yourself a Beatles fan, give this quiz a try. I love the Beatles and only cracked the 130-mark.


Just so this whole post doesn't involve blog stuff.....hey, remember the 90's?

A few notes about watching this video today. First, Michel Gondry directed it?! Awesome. Fun fact: Lucas' father was the founder of Pottery Barn.

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