Friday, September 26, 2008

Random Nonsense

--- It is strangely great that when you get a 404 error at Wikipedia, it includes a hyperlink to the actual Wiki entry about 404 errors.

--- I claim to be well-read, but it's a lie. For instance, I was on the streetcar the other day and saw the words 'Spandau Ballet' scrawled across the back of a chair. The name triggered a vague recollection in my head, as I knew I'd heard the name before, but made the not-illogical leap that it was an actual ballet organization. Not knowing anything about the world of ballet, it seemed a reasonable inference. Thinking it was hilarious that some punk would rebelliously scrawl the name of an international ballet company as graffiti, I was going to write up a little blog bit about it here, but just checked Google to get a bit more info on this Spandau operation. Well, colour me badd, but it turns out that 'Spandau Ballet' is not a ballet at all, but rather a British rock band from the 1980's. So, in conclusion, knowing lots of random bits of information means nothing if you can't use it in the proper context.

--- Richie Ashburn holds the Philadelphia Phillies' all-time record for career singles, with 1811. See? That fact means nothing! I'm useless!

--- Jamie Lee Curtis is theoretically really cool. Good actress, has a good sense of humour about herself, seems level-headed enough to speak out against the nonsense of Botox, is married to Christopher Guest and she starred in my favourite movie of all time, A Fish Called Wanda.* What's not to like? Well, I'll tell ya what's not to like --- she's in this Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie, which has to be some kind of ironic in-joke akin to Snakes On A Plane. Surely no movie could be that bad. Come on, Jamie Lee! You can do better than this! Even better is the fact that her character's name is Aunt Viv, which makes me think that halfway through the movie Curtis will be suddenly replaced by another actress.

* = A quick search has revealed that the word 'Wanda' has never been mentioned on this blog, so I guess this revelation may be news to some of you. That's right, A Fish Called Wanda, #1 on my personal IMDB. A perfect comedy. Hysterically funny. Cleese, great. Curtis, great. Palin, great. (Michael Palin, not Sarah Palin, who I believe was the star of A Moose Called Wanda, an animated film about a moose living in Nome who looks over to Russia and sees an invading fleet of destroyers, but the moose saves the day by not reading a newspaper. I dunno, I skimmed the summary on the back of the box.) The underrated hero of the film Maria Aitkin, great. And then, of course, Kevin Kline, who isn't just great, but gives arguably the funniest performance I've ever seen in any movie. It's right up there with Peter Sellers in Dr. Strangelove and William H. Macy in Fargo. The fact that Kline actually won an Oscar for his role so fills me with joy that I wish Wanda had come out a decade later, so I could've fully enjoyed the moment.

--- Poll results! As you can see, we're back to the 'Worst Best Picture' challenge after the baseball jersey decision was made.

The previous two movie polls, btw, covered the 1970's and 1960's. The winners (or, really, losers) of the 1970's poll were Deer Hunter and Patton, each with two votes. Patton I've never seen, but Deer Hunter was a worthy pick. What a brutal movie. The first half-hour is just about coma-inducing, and then it just gets progressively dumber and dumber. Also getting votes from the 1970's bunch were Annie Hall and Rocky, thus forcing me to conclude that two of my readers don't have souls.

As for the 1960's, the big winner was Oliver, with two votes. West Side Story, Tom Jones, Sound of Music and Midnight Cowboy each picked up a single vote each. Not surprisingly, as we're getting further back in time, the number of voters is decreasing, as people simply aren't familiar with as many of these films. I suspect we're getting a lot of "hmm, I've never heard of seven of these movies, and of the three I actually have heard of, they were all good. So I guess I can't vote." For more apathy like this, stay tuned for the Canadian federal election.


Emmett Macfarlane said...

That "A Moose Called Wanda" plot summary is the funniest thing I've read since reading about the Jeff Finger signing...

Jordan said...

You sure you're not confusing Deer Hunter with Jese Christ Vampire Hunter (look it up for a laugh)? Because Deer Hunter is a classic and has one of the best scenes in movie history, if you're asking me, which, apparently, you are not.


jordan said...

ah, stupid typo. that would be: Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter.