Monday, August 25, 2008

Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys?

Back to the Future defeats Ghostbusters in the "which is the better franchise?" poll by a narrow 54-46 margin. The latest poll gimmick is the first of several concerning each decade's Academy Award Best Picture crop. I decided to start with the current decade since starting with the 1920's would flat-line the gimmick before it even began. That is unless, say, Maggie and Alan Sepinwall argue the merits of Broadway Melody and Wings in an ongoing series of blog comments that eventually becomes longer than War & Peace.


Eagle-eyed readers who actually read down the page will have noticed the Lost Countdown Timer, counting down the days until the fifth season premiere. The alternative was removing a daily piece of clothing from a stand-up poster of Evangeline Lilly a la Major League, but unfortunately, no such posters were available. I did find one for Jorge Garcia, however. It is...somewhat less physically appealing. But only somewhat.


Also coming up is another team-up between Kyle and myself discussing the Olympics. I wish I could put a date on it, but it's surprisingly hard for us two slackers to find enough time for an elongated MSN chat. We're too busy with getting married, going on a honeymoon, going off on a cottage trip, celebrating a birthday....okay, these things may all be Kyle, but I'm busy too! Just the other day I cleaned my bathroom. That counts. Even had to go out and buy a new bottle of Vim.

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