Friday, August 15, 2008

Three Hunnert!

I used the 'milestone' tag in the last post but didn't actually mention why in the text. The last post was actually the 300th post I've written for Polivision. As you could tell, I celebrated the occasion by including about 300 links in the last post. In honour of the big tres-oh-oh, let me just say....THIS.....IS.......SPARTA!


Anyway, onto poll results. I thought the Deschanel family feud would be close, but Zooey ended up kicking her sister's ass by a 75%-25% margin. Man, doesn't anyone watch Bones? Poor Emily.

The new poll is up. It's all about an old post from a few months back when I compared Ghostbusters to Back to the Future. I weighed in on the subject, now I want to see what you all think. Has my influence turned my readers into a swarm of Borg-esque followers, or do you still retain some semblance of individuality? We shall soon find out. Remember, the question concerns which is the better FRANCHISE, so it's not just the movies; it's the cartoons, toys, video games and general pop culture impact.


Emmett said...

Hardest poll yet. The original Ghostbusters movie is one of my all-time favs, but I gotta go with BTTF as best "franchise".......

Anonymous said...

Love that you changed the blog subtitle to that great BTTF quote I pointed out way back when.