Sunday, August 10, 2008

Poll Results

Michael Emerson won the 'who should play the Riddler' poll with four votes. This is perhaps not surprising given that a) he's awesome and b) I already talked about how awesome he'd be in the role in a previous post.

The other results were interesting. Sam Rockwell (one of my 10 actors who should be bigger stars) got two votes, thus showing that though he should be a bigger star, he's still respected by at least....uh, two members of my vast blog readership. Also getting two votes was Ricky Gervais, which I have to consider as something of an upset. I compiled my list of potential Riddlers based on guys who could act and do comedy, since Riddler (even in a darker Nolanverse film) is bound to be a bit lighthearted. Gervais can do drama, as evidenced by the Extras Christmas episode and the Office episode where he begs for his job, and I think that could be an inspired casting choice if Nolan went in that direction.

Coming in with one vote each were....

Kevin vote, for sentimental reasons. He's probably too old now, but 20 years ago would've been utterly perfect.

Jim Carrey....clearly someone believes in giving second chances.

Neil Patrick Harris.....'Riddle me this, riddle me.......wait for it......that!' NPH already has the supervillain market cornered with Dr. Horrible, he doesn't need the Riddler. Though if we're looking at HIMYM cast members as Batvillains, Alyson Hannigan would make a freaky Harley Quinn. I'll stop now before I get intrigued enough to start a 'Who should play Harley Quinn' poll.

Giamatti.....Good actor, but I'm not sure he is exactly right for Riddler. He might make a good Penguin, actually.

Downey....Of course, why not, the guy can play anything. I am really looking forward to Tropic Thunder.


The new poll is up! Deschanel vs. Deschanel vs. Deschanel! The battle will be joined! Prediction: the only people voting for Caleb will be film students and/or photography buffs.


As of this afternoon's piece of crap showing against Cleveland, the Blue Jays are now 19-14 in games that I've attended. So it's clearly a step below the blistering 52-28 pace the Jays kept up in the previous two years when I saw them live in Toronto, but still, above .500. *dusts off hands triumphantly*

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Chad Nevett said...

I voted for Sam Rockwell, because he can do the lighthearted, comedic element, but also keep it grounded since the Riddler is kind of like Chuck Barris--that "tortured genius fuck-up" type who cracks the odd joke and doesn't seem to take life seriously, but you'll usually find in some shitty bar drinking cheap booze in an effort to forget how shitty his life is. I figure Rockwell is the man to walk that line.