Monday, January 14, 2019

Hot! Live! Music! (PMJ Edition)

"Dancing Queen," Postmodern Jukebox (ft. Gunhild Carling)
Bonus points here for the singer's old-timey voice!  Put a few more crackles into the recording and I'd assume this was actually from the 1920's.  By the way, given that it's 2019, isn't it weird that we're this close to having to refer to another decade as "the 20's?"  It'll take some getting used to, but if the result is a return to the flapper style and the Charleston, count me in!  If we could avoid another Depression, however, that'd be ideal.

"Bad Romance," Postmodern Jukebox (ft. Sara Niemietz & The Sole Sisters)
Hey, should I technically consider these PMJ videos to be "live" performances?  They're obviously different from proper studio recordings, though they are in studio nonetheless.  I probably should've asked this before posting, like, dozens of these things over the years, so let's just stick with it.

"Dream On," Postmodern Jukebox (ft. Morgan James)
Hey, what was up with that weird Super Bowl commercial Steven Tyler did last year (or maybe two years ago?), when he drove around a racetrack a bunch of times at such a time-bending speed that he reversed the aging process and turned his leathery mug into his old 1970's self?  I forget what that commercial was even  Skin cream?  Delusion?  Well, hang on, I guess a lot of commercials are for delusion, more or less.

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