Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Amateur Dream Addendum

This is a rarity....a dream sequel!  A drequel?  When we last checked in on my amateur dream analysis, I was discussing an imaginary trip my mother (!) and I took to an Eminem concert at the Palace Of Auburn Hills.  I had a minor rehashing of this dream the other night, with only one new detail sticking in my memory.  My mom was wearing a t-shirt featuring Mekhi Phifer's face on it, only with a red Ghostbusters logo-style crossed-out circle around his visage.  The shirt meant, essentially, "no Mekhi Phifer," a la the lyric from "Lose Yourself."

No offense to Mekhi Phifer, but this is a hilarious idea for a shirt.  Should I get in touch with Eminem's branding people?  Should my mom get royalties?  I don't think she has any sort of beef with Mekhi Phifer, so I feel like she'd actually be upset about making money off this semi-insult towards him.  Mekhi, if you're reading this, an apology quilt may be coming your way.

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