Sunday, November 27, 2016

"Black Mirror" Episode Ranking

A few observations about the new Black Mirror season...

* every episode could've done with being at least 10 minutes shorter (except for San Junipero, which should've been longer since it was so awesome)
* it is bitterly disappointing that the Mike Schur/Rashida Jones teleplay was such a "yeah, we get it" toothless satire that got old after five minutes
* some (KYLE) might argue that it's odd having Shut Up And Dance ahead of White Bear since both are similar premises, yet I found the twist of White Bear to be so silly that it almost ruined the episode entirely
* realizing that Faye Marsay was both a) a former Markademy Award nominee for 'Pride' and b) the friggin' Waif on Game Of Thrones was maybe the most mind-blowing moment of the whole season
* whatever you do, don't watch these episodes just before you go to bed, since it'll ruin your sleep.  Except Nosedive, since it's a cure for insomnia.

Onto the list, from worst to best

13. Nosedive
12. The Waldo Moment

11. Fifteen Million Merits
10. Men Against Fire
9. White Bear

8. Be Right Back
7. Playtest
6. Shut Up And Dance
5. The National Anthem
4. White Christmas
3. Hated In The Nation

2. San Junipero
1. The Entire History Of You

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