Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Last Worthless Evening

Since I'm about to literally cut-and-paste this from Wikipedia, I guess that makes this the Last Worthless Post!

"More like latest worthless post."

Shut up, you!  Anyway, this was inexplicably floating around Twitter tonight, and it's hilarious.

The song is rumored to be about actress Michelle Pfeiffer.  Henley himself tells the story to concertgoers that he was at a Hollywood party in the late 1980s when, from across the room, he spied the beautiful blond "It girl" of Hollywood. She had just broken up with her husband and was sitting on a couch smoking a cigarette next to her recent co-star, Jack Nicholson. Henley says that he, like every man in the room, wanted to meet her. As he tells it, he walked up to the woman and asked if he could bum a cigarette. Without ever looking up at him she thrust a cigarette in his direction. As he slinked away, he says Nicholson chortled, "Well played, Henley."

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