Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mark And The Amazing Toque-Nicolour...

Big news in the world of my head, as I recently purchased a Raptors toque.  My collection of toques is now up to seven, which means that if I wanted to (and you better BELIEVE I want to), I could wear a different toque on each day of the week.  A rotation of haberdashery, if you will.

Also, I seem to have unintentionally created a rainbow of headwear for myself.  I now own a....

* red toque (Raptors)
* blue toque (Blue Jays)
* green toque (Packers)
* mostly yellow toque (Packers)
* yellow-green-white toque (Packers...I should note that these Green Bay toques were all Christmas gifts, as even I would find it excessive to buy three different toques in support of the same team.)
* black toque (my 'winter is coming' Game Of Thrones hat)
* grey toque (my plain hat that looks not unlike the kind worn by the Edge, which was intentional)

I'm only a few colours away from being a regular Roy G. Biv.  I guess I could get a purple toque in honour of my alma mater, though Western's taken so much of my money that I'm hesitant to give them another dime.  (Donation letters and e-mails make me laugh and laugh and laugh.)  Not sure what chain of events would lead me to buying an orange toque.  I do like orange juice, at least.  That would actually be a pretty hilarious answer to hear from somebody about their clothing choices:

"Nice orange toque."
"Thanks!  I love orange juice."

Why a Raptors toque, you may ask?  Well, it looked kinda cool.  Drake and I do share a birthday, and all.  My grandma attended a Raptors preseason game years ago and the team's PR staff really went out of their way to show her a good time; moved her seats closer to the floor, got her pictures and autographs with several players, etc.  If this team is so kind to my grandmother, the least I can do is buy a toque out of appreciation.  This isn't to say that all of my toques were purchased due to some family association.  House Stark has never done anything for my grandma --- she wasn't even invited to Robb's wedding.  (Wait...)

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