Thursday, December 31, 2015

Other People's Writing

Let’s pause for a moment to realize just how badly the “Other People’s Writing” feature will dry up without Grantland.  Sighhhhh

* Wait, one more Grantland piece for me to mine for content!  A profile of the late, great Jan Hooks as Mike Thomas details the former SNL star’s final days and why she more or less retired from acting in the 21st century.  The reason seems to be part health issues, part a hinted-at drinking problem and mostly just Hooks losing interest in being famous.

* Keeping with the SNL theme, here’s a profile of Leslie Jones from the New Yorker's Andrew Marantz.  I am beyond excited for the new Ghostbusters.  It may be my most-anticipated movie of 2016, unless Hollywood has somehow been filming a biopic about me without my permission.  Oddly enough, it’s also starring Leslie Jones.

* Speaking of a life made into a movie, NBC Sportsworld’s Joe Posnanski has the too-cinematic-to-be-true story of dressage rider Laura Graves.  In a way, having a story this good written about you is an even better reward than an Olympic medal.  In another, more accurate, way, I think Graves would prefer actually getting into the Games.

* More Posnanski, this one looking back at one of (all things considered) greatest marketing campaigns in history, the old “Alcoa’s Fantastic Finishes” sponsorship that used to run during the two-minute warnings of NFL games in the 1980’s.  These ads really paved the way for the many ways in which advertising and sports intersect, which is why I’m currently watching a bowl game with a long mouthful of a name as opposed to just the “___ Bowl.”  Thanks for nothing, Alcoa.

* This one’s a few months old but somehow I haven’t linked to it already….ah well, just pretend there’s been a “best of 2015” theme in this post.  It’s the last post of the year anyway, whaddya want from me?  Regardless, here’s Larry David talking to Golf Digest about his golf game and the sport in general.  Let’s also pause to raise an eyebrow at the fact that Golf Digest apparently has a ‘comedy issue.’  I think it’s just a collection of my last 150 scorecards.

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