Saturday, May 23, 2015

Songs Of Thrones

A few comments....

* Red Nose Day is a major charity event and enough of an entity unto itself that the release of this sketch was in all likelihood not timed to coincide with the latest 'Game Of Thrones' episode.  Yet that said, it's quite a coincidence that this came out days after perhaps the most controversial and poorly-received GoT episode of the entire series.  It's almost like some publicist was like, "oh geez, quick, get that clever spoof out before we officially jump the shark!" 

* It's also not great timing that Iwan Rheon (one of the main figures of that much-hated final scene) plays such a prominent role in this video....and yet his weirdly goofy energy works here.  Apparently he's best known in the UK for comedy roles, which makes his GoT casting all the stranger, but you can see a bit of that comic timing at play here, even while he's about 30% channeling Ramsey Bolton at the same time.

* GoT is approaching 'The Wire' in terms of how weird it is to see the cast members in roles outside of the show.  To me, many of them ARE the characters, aside from some of the actors who had quite prominent careers known to me before the show began (Dinklage, Lena Headey, Alexander Siddig, Jonathan Pryce, and the king of the GoT/Wire connections, Aiden Gillen).  To this end, it's very strange seeing, say, Ramsey Bolton or Theon or Samwell Tarly in normal street clothes.

* The flipside of this is Mark Addy, as it took me a few seconds to remember that he was actually on the show.

* Alfie Allen needs to get himself cast in a young David Bowie biopic as soon as humanly possible.

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