Friday, May 08, 2015

Robble Robble

If we can get modern updates of every superhero under the sun, it only stands to reason that this can be extended to advertising characters from the 1970's.  That's right, the Hamburglar has returned.  He's not just an Ottawa Senators goalie anymore, but rather the actual McDonald's-stealin' criminal, mask and all.

As a fan of "The Americans," I particularly get a kick out of the Hamburglar's secret garage lair.  (And his kid knows his secret, too!)  After all these years, the HB has retired to be a simple suburban dad, and while it seems to be implied that his wife knows about his criminal past, her fairly blank expression lands somewhere between bemused and "welp, this was bound to happen."  Or, it was just a poor acting choice by the performer. 

As we know, I'm all for the idea of an archnemesis mascot, as evidenced by my Clio-winning "Forest City Road Racist" idea.  The problem with a modern Hamburglar, however, is that I fear it will inspire this wretched generation of hipsters to actually dress up like the Hamburglar while robbing McDonald's restaurants.  Then again, if that scenario results in the restaurants being secretly guarded by Grimace statues that come to life Robocop-style to protect the peace, I'm all for it.

For the record, I was not asked to play the Hamburglar in the new commercials.  While my love for burgers knows no bounds, I would never steal a hamburger.  An ill-gotten hamburger makes the taste infinitely less delicious.  My honesty knows no bounds.

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