Sunday, April 05, 2015

New Florence!

Back in the day, albums didn't "drop," they were just released.  It was a lot harder to find information about when one of your favourite musicians had a new record or single out, and thus it wasn't uncommon to just turn on the radio one day, hear something that vaguely sounded like their sound and suddenly realize "oh man, hey wait, this is a new song!"

I recently had that lovely pre-21st century experience while recently listening to the radio and realizing, "oh man, hey wait, this is a new Florence & The Machine song!"  And it was good!  And then a modicum of internet research revealed that the song in question ("What Kind Of Man") isn't technically the 'new' single since it's been out since February, whereas the NEWER single ("St. Jude") was just released a couple of weeks ago.  I'm very with it.

Not too crazy about "St. Jude" yet but maybe it'll grow on me after a few dozen listens. 

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