Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Illogical Insults

Why is "I'll fix your wagon!" a threat?  If I had a broken wagon, I'd really appreciate if someone fixed it.  Is the angry person implying that they'll do a shoddy repair job?  Even if this was the case, they're still wasting their own time just by half-assing it. 

Somewhat along those same lines, why is "washed up" an insult?  I'd get it if it was "washed out," a la a piece of clothing that has been washed so many times the colours have faded or something, but "washed up" doesn't make much sense in a derogatory context.  Like, when you say, "ok, it's time to wash up" before you take a shower or something, then "washing up" is making yourself cleaner and generally improving your lot in life.  Switching the shower context of "washed up" with the insult context of "washed up" makes no sense.  "I was once good at something but then I got into the shower, and when I got out, I was suddenly subpar at the aforementioned activity."

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