Sunday, August 31, 2014

Singularity '90

So I've been listening to a George Michael greatest hits album over the last couple of days while driving in my car, and it's not a bad disc.*  My only complaint is that, as a 29-song double album, it seems like there's more than a bit of filler here rather than a true collection of all Michael's true top songs.  A 20-song, all-killer no filler single disc would've been off the page but the actual version has a couple too many meandering ballads and a couple too many OOMCH OOMCH OOMCH dance tracks.  I'm such such tracks are great as background noise if you're in a club in Ibiza, but they don't quite work when you're driving in your car waiting for a proper melody to start.

* = as a very casual George Michael fan, I'm right in the sweet spot for this album's existence.  It has every GM song I like, a few more I'd never heard before but really enjoy, and about 5-6 others that I could take or leave.  "Greatest hits" albums aren't meant for actual hardcore fans of a musician, since a) they have all these songs anyway and b) any true hardcore fan has their own STRONG opinions over which songs are truly the 'best' that their favourite artist has to offer, and only they could truly hand-pick the perfect compilation.

So anyway, yeah, I've been listening to a lot of George Michael lately.  I finish the first disc of the album and go to change discs, and my radio automatically flicks on in between.  The first song on the radio?  "Faith."  Huh, well, that's an odd coincidence.  I just happened to have the radio set to an oldies station, and there it is, a George Michael song.  How about that.

Then I leave the car and go into a restaurant, and what song is playing inside?  "Father Figure."  WHAT THE WHAT.  What are the odds of this?  As far as improbable musical coincidences go, this is right up there with the time my iTunes shuffle randomly gave me U2's "Pride" and "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" right next to the live versions of those exact same two songs.  All four, right in a row --- Pride, Pride live, ISHFWILF, ISHFWILF live.

With all of this George Michael surrounding me, I half-expected to see Michael Cera walking down the street.  Part of me wanted to go to the nearest store to see if it too was also playing GM music on its sound system, though since the store was a Canadian Tire, I suspect this would've broken the streak. 

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