Monday, July 21, 2014

Weird Al's Week

The beloved Weird Al Yankovic reminded us all of the power of the music video this week, releasing one video on each of the last eight days promoting a new song from his newest album.  It's going to be...well, weird describing to our kids a) just why Weird Al is the best and b) how music videos used to be so important that it was once a big deal when Insert Major Artist Here released a new video back in the day, to the point that MuchMusic used to promote when big new videos were debuting.

Five videos are here, while I'll just link to the other three since the embedding isn't working for some reason: Mission Statement, Sports Song and First World Problems.

While all eight are good, I think 'Word Crimes' takes the cake as the best of the bunch.  As others have put it, this parody is so good is actually justifies the existence of the creepy-ass 'Blurred Lines' in the first place.  Oh, for the innocence of last summer, when Robin Thicke's creepiest move was merely that song and not the entire album dedicated to winning his estranged wife back.

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